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Welcome to golf’s only artificially intelligent equipment fitting service. Proven increased performance or your money back! 

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"Over the last 3 months, my handicap has gone from a 3.9 to a +0.4. So much of my improvement is due to using the right golf ball based on the Golf EQ's recommendation. I've never hit it longer and straighter. Thanks so much!"

Sean Gregory

Amateur golfer

"Before Golf EQ, the top of my golf bag was a mess. Now, I have a driver with optimal launch and spin I never would have considered, a 3-wood that is perfectly gapped, and a 5-wood built for high launch/spin to hold greens. My long game is dialed in thanks to Golf EQ helping me think differently than any other fitting system out there"

Greg Garner

Amateur golfer

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Golf EQ is developing golf’s first swing stat sensor capable of instantly matching your golf swing to over 10 million possible club and shaft combinations. 

Get golf’s most accurate fitting at your own pace, at your local range, in your backyard, or in your garage without the pressure of pushy sales people. 

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