Golf EQ

Golf EQ

Turning our equipment tests into your results

What is the EQ Score?

The EQ Score is the only metric in golf that can convert information measured on golf launch monitors into on-course performance results. higher EQ Scores mean a higher probability to shoot lower scores on the golf course. 

How can we make Accurate recommendations?

Matches are made based on the results of our in-house equipment tests. First, visitors at Golf EQ answer questions that identify which parts of each of our product testers are most similar to them. Next, answers are compared across our databases and paired with the highest performing products for each person’s unique swing and preferences. Lastly, results are returned that have the highest probability of improving the performance of each individual based on their needs.

Who we are:

Golf EQ is a service for all golfers. We’ve invested over $20,000 in a golf equipment testing facility to find the best products in golf on a yearly basis. 

The first of its kind, Golf EQ offers a way for golfers of all skill levels to find their best equipment for free. Golf EQ is the #1 brand agnostic source in golf for personalized equipment recommendations based on each individual golfer’s swing. Swing Your Swing: Play Your Best!

Inspired by the lack of translatable services provided by review sites on the internet and the current limitation of in-person golf club fittings, Golf EQ provides a service to all golfers to find their ideal equipment from anywhere, for FREE. 

At Golf EQ, we work for the golf consumer delivering equipment insights and product matches from the best companies in golf. Golf EQ is dedicated to growing the game and creating a welcome environment for golfers of all types. 

Golf EQ is powered by EQ Software’s system of algorithms that help connect millions of data points in real-time.