Golf EQ

Golf EQ

Golf's most accurate club fitting service: powered by artificial intelligence

What is Golf EQ?

Golf EQ began with a simple question: Can we determine how golf clubs will perform for golfers without seeing them hit them? Then answer: YES!

Golf EQ is the only golf service that uses machine learning algorithms to fit golf clubs and balls to the unique swing of every golfer. No matter your skill level or handicap, Golf EQ can help you play better golf.

How can we make Accurate recommendations?

Using data collected from real amatuer golfers hitting shots on our Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor, we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict how golf clubs will perform when hitting golf balls with different swing types. Our algorithms match your golf swing to the millions of swing data points we have analyzed to build your perfect golf clubs from the ground up to then find the closest matches available from the best brands in golf.

Who we are:

Golf EQ is a brand agnostic service to golfers at all levels. 

We’ve invested over $50,000 and thousands of hours of research into developing the world’s only artificially intelligent club fitting service. 

Inspired by the realization that golf club fitting is too complex a problem for human beings to solve alone, Golf EQ provides instant access to millions of data points to help golfers find their best. 

With over 10 million possible club head and shaft combinations, there is simply no way for players to try them all or for club fitter to know how each of these combinations will perform for every unique golf swing.

Using machine learning, we have developed the formula for connecting golfers to their ideal equipment choice in both new and used models. 

Only at Golf EQ can golfers can play their best without paying the most. We are so sure our system will work for you, that we will give you youur money back if we are wrong! 

All clubs purchased through our Virtual Fits are guaranteed to help you play better golf in just two months or your money back. Get your Virtual Fit today!