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The Best Golf Balls for 2020

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Highest Performance

Bridgestone Tour B X

Golf EQ’s highest performing golf ball for 2020 is the Bridgestone Tour B X. Bridgestone’s Tour B X is exceptionally fast and provides control around the greens with spin rates often reserved for softer golf balls. Golfers that prefer performance above all else should begin their golf ball search with the Bridgestone Tour B X.

Most Valuable

Snell MTB X

The Snell MTB X is the highest performing golf ball, dollar-for-dollar. Snell’s direct-to-consumer MTB X registered performance metrics on par or better than premium options like the Titleist ProV1, TaylorMade TP5, and Callaway ChromeSoft. Players looking to get the most bang for their buck should test the MTB X first.

Best Balance of Performance and value

Snell MTB X

In addition to winning the most valuable ball in golf for 2020, the Snell MTB X also offers golfers the best balance of performance and price. Golfers can save money without sacrificing performance with the MTB X compared to other value options like the Cut Dual Core (DC), the Vice Drive, and the Cut Blue golf balls.

The Highlights

  • Over 30 different golf ball models were selected for this test. Every golf ball tested is evaluated using the EQ Score so golfer know exactly where their favorite golf ball ranks.
  • Firmer golf balls, like the Bridgestone Tour B X and Titleist ProV1x, generally provide more distance to golfers at all swing speeds.  
  • Players that frequently loose golf balls can save money without sacrificing performance by using the golf balls with the highest VEQ (Value EQ) and CEQ (Combination EQ) scores.

EQ Score Top 5

Best Golf Bags - Performance

EQ Score

Bridgestone Tour B X


Titleist ProV1x


TaylorMade TP5x


Snell MTB X


Bridgestone Tour B XS


VEQ Top 5

Best Golf Bags - Value

VEQ Score

Snell MTB X


Cut Dual Core


Vice Drive


Cut Blue


Srixon Z Star XV


BEQ Top 5

Best Golf Bags - Balance

BEQ Score

Snell MTB X


Bridgestone Tour B X


Srixon Z Star XV


Titleist ProV1x


Cut Dual Core



A golf ball is the only piece of golf equipment that golfers use every shot. Many golfers believe that they are not good enough to worry about which golf ball they play. Further, golfers think that their choice of golf balls does not matter as much as their choice in a driver, or putter, or irons. These things are simply not the case. No matter what your skill level, getting the best fitting equipment for your swing is vitally important for playing your best golf. The golf ball, in particular, is the only piece of equipment that you will use every shot. Tee to green, it is mandatory that you can rely on your golf ball enough to make a confident swing. This report summarizes our finding for our golf ball test this season.

The Performance Tiers

Performance Tier

Golf Balls

Top Performers

Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball

Titleist ProV1x Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball

Snell MTB X Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball

Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball

Average Performers

Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball

Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball

Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball

Cut DC Golf Ball

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball

Vice Tour Golf Ball

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball

Snell MTB Black Golf Ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Vice Drive Golf Ball

Cut Blue Golf Ball

Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball

Cut Grey Golf Ball

Vice Pro Soft Ball

Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Below Average Performers

TaylorMade Project(s) Golf Ball

Bridgestone e12 Golf Ball

Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball

Cut Matte Golf Ball

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

How the Performance Tiers Seperate Golf Balls

The Golf EQ Performance Tiers seperate golf balls into three categories: Top Performers, Average Performers, and Below Average Performers. Golf balls within each category outperform the models in the category below them by one significance level. Golf balls that test in the same tier can be used by golfers without a significant reduction in performance. Golfers that prefer the feel of one golf ball over another can choose freely within tiers without fear of costing themselves strokes on the course. Still, it is best to use the golf ball that performs best for you. If you have never been fit for a golf ball before, we recommend beginning with our Golf Ball EQ ID to get your list of golf balls to test, then see your local club fitter to see what works best for you. 

The Data

BallEQ ScoreVEQ ScoreCEQ ScoreBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Bridgestone e12 Golf Ball266.7232.0185.37299.4278156954664473505
Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Ball276.7227.6776.58300.9298335772760474484
Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball279.0827.9177.89299.531.382371125965488519
Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball320.3532.03102.62311.927.881522131561498524
Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball305.6530.5793.42311.229.28713177862478506
Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball275.4230.3083.4429328.288491434763471501
Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball296.1932.5896.5029629.180011275660484516
Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball282.2531.0587.63299.430.878121866269484516
Cut Blue Golf Ball283.6334.0496.54302.5318729812656477488
Cut DC Golf Ball286.6634.4098.61306.228.193861023160483494
Cut Grey Golf Ball277.9933.3692.7429930.387071492656473483
Cut Matte Golf Ball258.0829.6876.59295.229.788361764259464481
Snell MTB Black Golf Ball285.3531.3989.57302.928.284461445663495525
Snell MTB X Golf Ball308.3635.46109.35309.729.382311091466479513
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball256.8830.8379.19297.328.19089835258476487
Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball266.0631.9384.95302.830.780311717064482521
Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball289.7333.3296.54300.830.582181865862491526
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball292.7432.2094.2629532.584861163873486513
Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball305.0333.55102.35301.928.282512013970482518
TaylorMade Project(s) Golf Ball274.9633.0090.73300.130.49212604761476491
TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball 286.1831.4890.09290.231.77784354270477505
TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball288.4828.8583.22305.232.681231032670478504
TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball308.9330.8995.44298.731.675651181160482511
Titleist AVX Golf Ball285.3528.5381.42302.928.284461445663495525
Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball305.4430.5493.29298.532.381211083164480512
Titleist ProV1x Golf Ball314.8831.4999.15304.930.19353781667490518
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball286.3931.5090.22308.432.48183995567489515
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball285.3532.8193.64302.928.284461445663495525
Vice Drive Golf Ball283.6734.0496.56302.9308474852963478489
Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball289.9731.9092.49304.729.479331223160480499
Vice Pro Soft Ball277.6130.5484.77308.230.88069854266488503
Vice Tour Golf Ball286.3731.5090.21309.929.985351423563482500

About the Numbers

Golf balls in the table above are presented with combined data from driver and iron tests. Ball speeds, for example, are much higher than golfers would expect using a golf ball hit with a single shot, or an average of shots hit with only one club. We uses the combination averages in our EQ Score calculation to finalize our results. Non-combined numbers are presented in the Supplemental Data section at the bottom of this review.

Beyond the numbers

For many golfers, how far the golf ball goes is the most important piece of selecting which ball to play. It is evident in our tests that for some, the longest golf ball is clearly the highest performing golf ball. For others, a golf ball with a combination of distance and spin control offer the highest level of performance. Commonly, golf ball fitting begins with matching a players swing speed with a golf ball. This can be misleading because players use many different swing speeds while out on the course. For example, a player will unlikely have the same swing speed with a driver they have with a 7-iron or sand wedge, but they will hit the same golf ball with all three of these clubs, possibly on the same hole. Importantly, performance differences between golf balls are smallest with the driver and get more pronounced with iron shots and wedges.

How to find your best results Online

Selecting which golf ball is right for you can be challenging. These results should be used as a guide to see how the different golf balls tested may perform when compared side-by-side. To find your ideal fit, we recommend heading over to our Golf Ball EQ ID to generate your testing list and found out which golf balls are the most likely to perform well for you in person. If you do not have access to a club fitter, then these results will be your best bet in lowering your scores quickly.

Golf ball EQ ID

Golf Ball EQ ID

Take the 10 Question EQ ID to find out which golf ball is built for your game

How to find your best results In-Person

Local club fitter are the best place to begin your search for a golf ball if available. We recommend using your Golf Ball EQ ID results as a list of golf balls to test. Once you have your list narrowed down to 5 golf balls to try, head to your nearest club fitter to test those models yourself. Use our EQ Score Calculator to rank your own results from your fitting and identify your best match without bias for the brand or price. 

During your in-person fit we recommend finding a club fitter with an outdoor space and with a launch monitor that can provide you with real-time information about every shot you hit. Start with putting and hitting smaller shots around the green. Slowly progress back through your irons before going to the tee box. Finish by hitting drives to make sure your launch and spin numbers are dialed in but don’t place too much emphasis here as most golf ball will perform very similar. 

Things to keep in mind when selecting a golf ball in-person

As a general rule, higher swing speed golfers will do best with firmer, higher compression golf balls. Softer golf balls can lead to reduced ball speed numbers as players progress into long irons, fairway woods, and drivers. If you are player that prefers an ultra-soft feel from your golf ball, be sure the performance does not drop off too drastically during your fit.

About Our test

Golf EQ uses the EQ Score to evaluate and rank tested products. Golf balls are ranked based on their performance in our in-house tests. Each golf ball was tested using golfers with different swing speeds and different delivery conditions. To control for other variables within the test, balls were hit using the same clubs each time. For driver tests, a Titleist TS3 driver fit to each player swinging it was used. For the iron tests, a Cobra King Forged Tec 6-iron was used. The data averages for all shots included in this test are presented at the bottom of this report. 


We put the best balls in golf to the test so that you don’t have to. Our testers hit over two thousand shots to find the highest performing golf balls for 2020. Many of the best performing golf balls are names many golfers will be familiar with like Titleist’s ProV1 and Bridgestone’s Tour B. Other models, including TaylorMade’s TP5x and the direct-to-consumer Snell MTB X also test among the best for all golf swing speeds. 

At Golf EQ we put all our our results to work for every reader 24/7 with our EQ IDs. Finding the best golf ball for your game has immediate benefits and our Golf Ball EQ ID is absolutely free and takes less than 1 minute to get results. You can see if the ball you are using is best for you, or find something that will help you gain distance and accuracy off the tee, improve your approach play coming into greens, and get a golf ball that feels great with your putter with confidence. 

Also, be sure to check out our EQ Spotlight review of the Bridgestone Tour B X and Tour B XS golf balls for more information about those two models. Monthly EQ Reports will continuously be released as we conclude our equipment tests. Each report will be accompanied by an EQ ID that can help you find the best pieces for your bag. Be sure to leave a comment below and share this report with golfers you know!

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Supplemental Data

Inspired by our passion for golf, we have presented the full data for the true golf nerds like us. Supplemental data presents the launch monitor findings from the golf ball tests using the driver and and 6-irons separately, instead of as a combination like above.

Driver Data

BallBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Bridgestone e12 Golf Ball1679.8197815332296323
Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Ball17111.7234814930297307
Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball17113.72391581634309336
Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball17910.21982144728309332
Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball17812.32193143627290317
Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball1669.91909761732292319
Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball16912.219551265129299326
Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball17212.92078963933300327
Cut Blue Golf Ball17111.92290531427299309
Cut DC Golf Ball17311.12596431528303313
Cut Grey Golf Ball169112187761227297306
Cut Matte Golf Ball16711.32234872128289304
Snell MTB Black Golf Ball17111.32307352432307334
Snell MTB X Golf Ball17510.1211286533296320
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball16810.92457272325298309
Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball17112.321931042737300327
Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball16714.223101343529304331
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball16812.82157901537305328
Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball17312.221171203135302329
TaylorMade Project(s) Golf Ball17012.12599373126299312
TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball 16712.2196351836301328
TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball17012.7202636634299323
TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball17711.8237869228306332
Titleist AVX Golf Ball17111.32307352432307334
Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball16914.92295681935298325
Titleist ProV1x Golf Ball17712.1238847636303335
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball17513.22111213432306330
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball17111.32307352432307334
Vice Drive Golf Ball17211.92332321630298309
Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball17311.72124321429299314
Vice Pro Soft Ball17413.32138641233307320
Vice Tour Golf Ball17712.22459672031301318

Iron Data

BallBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Bridgestone e12 Golf Ball132.417.26178804332177182
Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Ball129.917.35987631830177177
Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Ball128.517.65846544331179183
Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball132.917.6617069833189192
Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball133.216.9652034235188189
Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball12718.36940673031179182
Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball12716.960461531185190
Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball127.417.95734902336184189
Cut Blue Golf Ball131.519.16439281229178179
Cut DC Golf Ball133.2176790591632180181
Cut Grey Golf Ball13019.36520731429176177
Cut Matte Golf Ball128.218.46602892131175177
Snell MTB Black Golf Ball131.916.961391093231188191
Snell MTB X Golf Ball134.719.2611923933183193
Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball129.317.26632562933178178
Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball131.818.45838674327182194
Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball133.816.35908522333187195
Srixon Z-Star Golf Ball12719.76329262336181185
Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Ball128.916613481835180189
TaylorMade Project(s) Golf Ball130.118.36613231635177179
TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball 123.219.55821302434176177
TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball135.219.96097672036179181
TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball121.719.8518749932176179
Titleist AVX Golf Ball131.916.961391093231188191
Titleist ProV1 Golf Ball129.517.45826401229182187
Titleist ProV1x Golf Ball127.9186965311031187183
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball133.419.26072782135183185
Titleist Velocity Golf Ball131.916.961391093231188191
Vice Drive Golf Ball130.918.16142531333180180
Vice Pro Plus Golf Ball131.717.75809901731181185
Vice Pro Soft Ball134.217.55931213033181183
Vice Tour Golf Ball132.917.76076751532181182