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Callaway Epic Driver Series Review

Golf EQ Spotlight

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

EQ Score: 247.24

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

EQ Score: 238.33

Callaway Epic Max Driver

EQ Score: 230.94

Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond Driver

EQ Score: NA

Callaway Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond Driver

EQ Score: NA

Callaway Epic Driver Series, What You Need To Know:

Recently, and over the past several seasons, Callaway has topped driver performance charts. In our tests, the Callaway Epic Speed Driver placed first overall demonstrating the highest level of performance across the board for the majority of golfers in 2021. Notably, all of our results can be found in our Best Driver for 2021 Report, if you are interested. Beyond the Epic Speed, the 2021 Epic series includes the Epic Max LS (low spin), Epic Max, Epic Speed Triple Diamond, Epic Max LS Triple Diamond, and the Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond.

Importantly, Callaway has made a strong case for using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology in the Epic series of drivers. Overall, the all-new A.I. inspired Jailbreak Speed Frame improves upon previous Jailbreak technologies to provide players more distance and stability. Additionally, the Flash Face SS21 provides higher retention of ball speeds on strikes away from the middle of the club face that creates longer and straighter drives on average compared to other drivers. Lastly, the new Epic line is created with advanced aerodynamic head constructions to reduce drag and increase clubhead speeds for a diverse set of player deliveries.

Callaway Epic Driver Series Data

DriverEQ ScoreVEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
Callaway Epic Max230.9428.87153.6712.66-4.463357.7464.41-0.533418.55246.04264.09-20.9842.0336.08
Callaway Epic Max LS238.3329.79152.4412.87-3.173032.79347.573.913122.28248.66268.06-4.3640.1733.88
Callaway Epic Speed247.2430.91154.2810.74-2.482938.01376.004.383019.92248.72270.52-1.2635.7428.83

Straight From Callaway Golf

On tour, Callaway Epic drivers have documented many wins with the most notable being John Rahm and Phil Mickelson Major Championships. Specifically, Callaway has designed the new Epic series of drivers with speed top of mind. First, the new Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame enhances horizontal and torsional stability to increase ball speeds across the entire face. Second, A.I.-designed Flash Face optimizes the Jailbreak Speed Frame for different player deliveries. Using ach face is uniquely enhanced, and the super strength titanium promotes maximum speed, forgiveness, and spin robustness. Thirdly, a proprietary Triaxial carbon cover enables a weight savings of up to 16g that can be redistributed to enhance the stability of each driver.

Callaway Epic Driver Series Detailed Review

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Design Review

In total, the Epic Speed, Epic Max, Epic Max LS, and Triple Diamonds are each designed to match the swing of different styles of golfers. Below, we outline differences among the models that may, or may not, make one of the Callaway Epic drivers well-suited for your golf swing. First, the Epic Speed driver features a 460-cc club head and is designed to fit a wide net of golfers. As described by Callaway, the Epic Speed produces a medium launch and a mid-to-low spin. In our tests, however, we found the Epic Speed to be consistently lower launching and lower spinning than the Max and Max LS models (see data above). Importantly, the Epic Speed does not feature a movable weight to help players tune their ball flight from left-to-right.

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver Design Review

Second, the Epic Max LS (Low Spin), also a 460-cc club head, is described to offer low launch and low spin. Contrary to Callaway’s stated performance, our tests reveille higher launch and higher spin than expected. Unlike the Epic Speed, the Epic Max LS features a rear weight track with an adjustable 12-gram weight to enable further customization on a player specific basis.

Callaway Epic Max Driver Design Review

Third, the 460-cc Epic Max is a semi-draw biased driver that offers the highest launch and spin in the Epic series. Also, the Epic Max features the most rearward center of gravity enhancing stability that may help golfers improve accuracy. Like the Epic Max LS, the Epic Max features a moveable weight track on the back of the golf club. Unlike the Epic Max LS, this weight is 16-grams rather than 12-grams.

Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond and Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS Driver Design Review

Lastly, tour inspired Triple Diamond drivers, including the Epic Speed Triple Diamond and Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond produce the lowest launch and spin in the Epic Series and are available in limited quantities. Notably, the Epic Speed Triple Diamon driver features a straighter top line than other Epic series drivers. Unfortunately, we were unable to test either of the Triple Diamond club head drivers this year, thus, we do not report scores or data for these club heads.

Callaway Epic Driver Series Performance Review

Impressively, the 3 Callaway Epic Series drivers performed well for the majority of our golfers. Remarkably, the Epic Speed driver finished first overall! Further, the Epic Max LS finished 6th and the Epic Max finished 10th. If interested, you can check out the full results from all the drivers we tested inn our Best Drivers for 2021 Report now! Importantly, the Callaway Epic Series of drivers delivers on their promese. 

Callaway Epic Series Driver Series Specs Review

Each driver in the Callaway Epic Series comes standard in various loft options. Number one, the Epic Speed and Epic Max are available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Next, the Epic Max LS comes in 9 or 10.5 degrees. Lastly, the Triple Diamond models come in right-hand only in lofts of either 9 or 10.5 degrees. Driver models are offered with shaft and grip options that include Mitsubishi MMT (60 and 70 grams), Project X Cypher (40 grams), and HZRDUS Smoke IM10 (50 and 60 grams). Flexes of regular, stiff, and extra-stiff are available. Additionally, custom options for the Epic series of drivers include brands like Mitsubishi, Fujikura, UST Mamiya, LA Golf Shafts, and more.

How do i know if a Callaway Epic Driver is best for me?

Initially, the Epic series of drivers offers performance straight out of the box, but only if the driver you choose fits your golf swing. Overwhelmingly, many golfers do not look hard enough at what equipment they play and that can have a negative influence on their on-course performance. At Golf EQ, we take some of the guesswork out of choosing your equipment by matching your delivery with golf clubs built to help you hit it farther and straighter. Take the Driver Identifier now to see if a Callaway Epic series driver is your best match!

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Final Thoughts For the Callaway Epic Series Drivers Review

In conclusion, Callaway has constructed the Epic series of drivers to fit golfers at different skill levels, speeds, and delivery styles. Subjectively, each driver still holds great Callaway looks and are packed with technology that may help improve your golf game. Consistently, we see Callaway ranking at the top of performance charts in driver performance. As always, the golf club works only if it matches your individual golf swing and thus finding your fit is most important. If possible, try drivers before committing to a specific brand and model so you know you are getting the best return for your investment. If you feel unsure of where to start, take a look at our data that helps summarize the performance of the best drivers in golf and use our Driver Identifier as a place to begin your search!

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