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Cobra RADSPEED Driver Series Review

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Cobra RADSPEED Driver

EQ Score: 237.57

Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver

EQ Score: 219.02

Cobra RADSPEED XD Driver

EQ Score: 237.79

Cobra RADSPEED Driver Series, What You Need To Know:

Primarily, for 2021, Cobra is relying on speed for their new driver line to help provide players of every skill level great distance off the tee and consistent spin. Leading the “Beat That” campaign are names like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler who have both used various versions of the RADSPEED driver at times. In total, the Cobra RADSPEED driver series includes the low launch, low spin KING RADSPEED, the higher launch and higher spin RADSPEED XB, and the draw bias RADSPEED XD drivers. Finally, and as an added bonus for golfers looking to improve their games tee-to-green, each RADSPEED driver comes with COBRA CONNECT™, equipped on every new Cobra club, and with a free 90-day trial of the Arccos Caddie.

Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Data

DriverEQ ScoreVEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
RADSPEED Driver237.5741.57152.5611.92-3.972657.45262.472.492733.67248.54271.05-8.9935.8329.20
RADSPEED XB Driver219.0238.33151.4812.56-3.953392.95380.934.053479.06242.35260.43-6.5641.0733.91
RADSPEED XD Driver237.7941.61153.5612.48-4.072916.18148.561.512979.38251.80271.81-15.2539.4634.43

Straight From Cobra Golf

Directly, each RADSPEED Driver features a 460cc club head. The standard RADSPEED comes with an adjustable weight that can be switched from front to back to help players dial in launch and spin.  Importantly, all 3 RADSPEED models include Radial Weighting to deliver lower spin without reducing forgiveness. Further, a Thin-Ply Carbon Wrap Crown, featuring a new carbon fiber material that is 30% thinner saves weight to enable longer, straighter drives. Lastly, Cobra’s T-Bar Speed Chassis is a reengineered 7 gram saver that enables the placement of more perimeter weighting to create more stability and forgiveness for the RADSPEED drivers. 

Cobra RADSPEED Driver Series Detailed Review

Cobra RADSPEED Driver Design Review

First up for Cobra is the standard RADSPEED driver. As previously mentioned, the standard RADSPEED driver is the only driver in the Cobra line for 2021 that comes with weight adjustability. Weights can be interchanged to deliver different types of golfers faster ball speed, lower spin, and increased workability compared to the other RADSPEED models. Subjectively, Cobra did a great job with the minor changes of the club head with new graphics. At address, the RADSPEED looks aggressive, giving the notion of speed and stability. Strikingly, by adding another set of ridges atop of the head, Cobra was able to make the original two ridges less pronounced, giving an overall cleaner look to the head and improved aerodynamics.

Cobra RADSPEED XB Driver Design Review

Secondarily, complimenting the standard RADSPEED is the RADSPEED XB (Xtreme Back) . With many of the same design cues of the RADSPEED driver, the RADSPEED XB driver is still fast but offers golfers both higher launch and higher backspin rates than the standard RADSPEED driver head. Critically, the RADSPEED XB is crafted with 20 grams of rear-biased weighting designed to deliver the fastest possible balls speed with the maximum forgiveness. 

Cobra RADSPEED XD Driver Design Review

Lastly, Cobra offers a draw bias driver to help players that need aid in eliminating excessive slice spin. Here, the RADSPEED XD (Xtreme Draw) driver is built with similar mechanics as the standard RADSPEED and RADSPEED XB but with more weight on the heel side. Specifically, as the name suggest, this driver is designed for the most draw possible, with 10 grams of heel biased weight that is designed to fight slicing off the tee, helping to promote a fast straight ball flight.

Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Performance Review

The new driver line offers great technology that can help the average golfer to gain some ball speed and possible distance off the tee. Cobra has spent a great deal of time engineering this new driver line, and at first glance the driver might remind of other drives on the market at this time, however under the carbon wrap, there is a lot of technology, and this driver line does deserve to be considered to replace the gamer of a player who is looking for some more speed and forgiveness.

Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Specs Review

Individually, each driver in the RADSPEED line comes with various specifications that can be ordered to fit your golf swing. First, the standard RADSPEED is available in 9 and 10.5 degrees heads, with  regular, stiff, and extra stiff shaft options. As stock offerings, Cobra has made the Fujikura Motore X F1, Fujikura Motore X F3, and Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue available.

Second, the RADSPEED XB is also available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees heads. In addition to the shaft offered with the RADSPEED, the XB can be ordered with the Fujikura Motore X F3, Project X Even Flow Riptide, and Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue in light, regular, stiff, extra stiff options.

Thirdly, the RADSPEED XD comes in either 10.5 degrees or a 12 degrees loft. For the XB, Cobra offers the Fujikura Motore X F3 and Project X Even Flow Riptide as standard shaft options in flexes of light, regular, and stiff shaft. Premium shafts are available for each model with an upcharge.

How do i know if a Cobra RADSPEED Driver is best for me?

For the majority of golfers, the Cobra RADSPEED line has striking looks and great performance. Additionally,  with a wide range of options, the RADSPEED driver series has something to offer golfers of many different skill levels and swing types. Each club head model features different profiles for tuning launch angles, spni rates, and shot shapes based on your needs. 

Individually, it can be difficult to know which club head is best for your swing given the thousands of potential option. At Golf EQ, we have built a tool that can help you quickly identifyy which golf club heads will be best tailored to your golf swing. Every golfer should start their driver buying process with our Driver Identifier to find their list of clubs to test. From there, we recommend hitting as many of your recommended drivers as possible to see which one you like the looks and feel of the most. Take the Driver Identifier now to see your results!

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Final Thoughts For the Cobra RADSPEED Drivers Review

In conclusion, the RADSPEED driver series from Cobra Golf is a well-balanced golf club line that offers something for many different golfing styles. Notably, the RADSPEED drivers are cheaper than competitive offerings making them the ideal choice for golfers who want the most performance for their money. Impressively, Cobra has raised the stakes with this new line of drivers. Transitioning from the looks to the technology, Cobra believes they can elevate your driving game.

Overall, new golf clubs can be a big commitment and investment. We recommend you take a look our our 2021 Driver Report to get an idea of what each driver model may offer you and follow up by using the Driver Identifier to. get personalized results built for your game. Be sure to check out our other Spotlight Reviews below as well!

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