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What is your driver swing speed?

How fast you swing your driver has a direct influence on which club is best for you. Generally, faster swinging players need golf clubs with more forward centers of gravity to help them control spin, while slower swinging players need golf clubs with rearward centers of gravity.

What is your angle of attack with your driver?

Angle of attack is how far up or down you hit on the golf ball. Generally, players who hit down on the golf ball increase backspin rates and will be better suited with mid to low spin drivers. Alternatively, players who swing up on the golf ball will be best suited with mid to higher spinning drivers to maximize distance and control.

What is your club path with your driver?

Your golf club path will influence which shape of shot you are likely to hit. Potentially, golfers who swing out-to-in will be better fit with drivers that are neutral or draw bias. Conversely, players who swing in-to-out may be best fit with drivers that are neutral or more fade bias.

What is your most common miss?

Golfers should be fit with golf clubs to helps them reduce their largest miss so they can find target more often. A hook is a golf shot that curves too far to the left for right-handed golfers. A slice is a golf shot that curves too far to the right for right-handed golfers.

What shape of shot do you want to hit?

A draw is a golf shot that curves right-to-left for right-handed golfers and lefto-to-right for left-handed players. Fades curve left-to-right for right handed players and right-to-left for left handed golfers. Depending on the shot shape you want to hit, your driver settings may change. Our recommender matches you with clubs that help you hit the shape that suits your preference.

What style of driver do you like at address?

The address posistion is when the golf club is placed behind the golf ball. Some golfers prefer the look of a simple, traditional style club head while others prefer more crown details.

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