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Fairway Wood Identifier – Coming Soon

Instantly Match With the Best Equipment For Your Game


Yes, all our online EQ IDs are absolutely free and you can take them as many times as you’d like. 

The EQ IDs run thousands of data points instantly to identify and match products to the answers of our crafted questionnaires to everyone individually 24/7.

No, launch monitors help to provide golfers with more data but each EQ ID is equipped with an ability to fill in missing info and recommend the best product. 

Yes, the EQ IDs are meant to recommend products to players to test. First, players should use the results of their EQ IDs to identify products worth testing. Next, players should test the products identified in the EQ ID in-person and use the EQ Score tool to determine which product performs best in their hands.

Yes, the EQ IDs are perfect for people looking to buy a well-fit gift for their favorite golfer. As long as you answer the questions as if you were that person the results will remain accurate.