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Face On Putting Review

Golf EQ Spotlight: Face On Putting Review with the GP Putter

What you need to know

Face On Putting is not a brand new concept. Rather, it is over a decade old and has been tested by some of the best players in the world. Also called side saddle putting, players like Bryson DeChambeau and Sam Snead have found success with this putting style. Fundamentally, Face On Putting enables players to switch their perspective and create immediate benefits in their short game. Inside our Face On Putting review, we analyze what the GP putter can add to our Golf EQ tester’s games.

Face On Putting Review

Impressively, the GP putter, from Face On Putting creates the benefit of a straight-back-and-straight-through putting stroke. Moreso, the GP putter is USGA conforming and tournament legal. 

Keep reading to find out if the GP putter can help you hole more putts this year. 

Straight From Face On Putting

Critically, putting with a face on view is more natural and allows players to simplify their perspectives compared to traditional putting stances. Have you ever lined up your putt from behind the golf ball only to stand over the golf ball and second-guess your read? If yes, then you have experienced the problem that Face On Putting solves. Additionally, golfers viewing their putts from beside the ball can make a stroke similar to throwing a ball under-handed at their target to promote increased accuracy and consistency.

Face On Putting GP Putter Detailed Review

GP Putter Design Review

Importantly, the GP putter from Face On Putting is USGA conforming. First, the putter and shaft are joined at an angle that helps create a straight-back-and-straight-through putting motion. This straight-back-and-straight-through approach helps many players keep the club head more square to their target creating more directional accuracy. Next, the GP putter is made to be only 3 & 1/16 inches wide to enable a perfect pendulum motion as the player makes contact with the golf ball during their putting stroke. Lastly, the GP putter has a fang design that increases the forgiveness of the putter on off center strikes. Overall, the GP putter is crafted with precision to allow players to take advantage of their natural posture and visual feedback system.

GP Putter Performance Review

Initially, the GP putter and Face On Putting approach takes getting used to. Surprisingly, among our testers, lag putting was the most challenging given the difference in the Face On Putting design compared with their gaming putters. Impressively, however, our testers found almost immediate success with short putts using the GP putter. Generally, the GP putter excelled for players that usually struggle with short to medium range putters. Specifically, player found increased confidence and more awareness around the hole when standing beside the golf ball rather than on top of it on putts near the hole. 

GP Putter Specs Review

Universally, GP Putters are made from stainless steel and has a club head weight of approximately 400 grams. Altogether, since the putter is long, this heavier club head promotes more balance and increase feedback. Furthermore, all GP putters are center shafted to facilitate the needed 10-degree angle that creates a pendulum motion during the Face On Putting stroke. Precisely, each GP putter is custom built to your specific height and outfitted with dual tacki-mac grips. Online, GP putters can be purchased directly at,,, and 

The Face On Putting Advantage

First and foremost, Face On Putting can simplify one of the most challenging aspect of golf by taking advantage of the natural perspective of human eyes. Concretely, if you are someone who constantly cycles through different putters, perhaps the problem is not only what putter you swing, but also where you stand. Here, many of our Golf EQ testers where skeptical when they got a look at the Face On Putting GP putter but after using it, their eyes were wide open.


Famously, Face On Putting was used by Sam Snead to overcome struggles on the greens at the professional level. Recently, one of the most forward-thinking golfers in the world, in Bryson DeChambeau, has leaned on the Face On approach to see what it can add to his game. If you are searching for something to get you around the course in fewer strokes this season, make sure the GP Putter from Face On Putting is on your testing list. Widely, the Face On Putting stance and GP putter will not be for everyone, however, it will unlock potential in many golfers that simply would not be possible otherwise. Are you one of those golfers?

Be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us what what you think about our Face On Putting review. Can the GP putter help your game? Would you try the GP putter if your pro shop had a one to demo? What is the worst part of your golf game when it comes to putting: lag putting, medium putts, or short putts around the hole? Also, check out our other EQ Spotlight reviewsEQ Reports, and EQ Identifiers to help find the best golf gear for your game for 2021.    

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