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Performance: For golfers seeking the highest level of performance possible, the Golf Pride Z Cord Align is the best grip for 2021. Z Cord Align establishes a secure connection to your club in all types of weather through a firm, texture full-cord construction while the Align features adds precision to ensure your hands are in the same position each time. 

Value: SuperStroke is most well-known for their putter grips, however, the S Tech grip, played by Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia, is the best dollar-for-dollar club grip in golf for 2021. The S Tech delivers a tacky feel that allows golfers to remain connected to their clubs as they swing and is available for less than half the cost of “premium” golf grips.

Combination: Golfers looking to combine value and performance should begin their search with the S Tech from SuperStroke. A fully corded grip, the S Tech provides stability in all weather types without attacking your hands like other more full-cord options. Additionally, the S Tech Cord is among the lowest in price for grips that offer full-length traction in the whole grip.


  • Generally, fully corded golf grips provide the most performance advantage for all types of golfers and swing speeds.
  • Grip fitting is important and testers often performed the best with grips that were comfortable to hold.  
  • Alignment features are becoming commonplace for grips and may be very helpful for new and high handicap golfers.  

EQ Score Top 5

Golf GripEQ Score
Golf Pride Z Cord Align

Golf Pride BCT Cord

Golf Pride Z Cord

Lamkin Crossline Cord

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align


VEQ Top 5

Golf GripVEQ Score
SuperStroke S Tech

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Lamkin Crossline

SuperStroke S Tech Cord

Golf Pride Tour Velvet


CEQ Top 5

Golf GripCEQ Score

SuperStroke S Tech Cord


Lamkin Utx


Golf Pride BCT Cord


Golf Pride Z Cord


Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align



Commonly, golf grips are described in terms of feel. Here, we put 25 grip models to the test to figure out if any of them offered more in terms of performance. Notably, changing the grip for our testers resulted in better and worse shots depending on several factors. First, the texture of the grip plays an important role in how connected player remained to their golf clubs, especially at higher club head speeds. This becomes less of a factor for golfers that swing at slower club heads speeds and with the smaller golf clubs in player’s bags. Next, golf grips with alignment features can enhance the consistency of golf shots for players that are not as confident they grip the golf club “correctly.” Lastly, getting the best fitting golf grip for your hand size helps increase comfort while playing and build confidence to hit better golf shots more often. 

Performance Tiers

Performance Tier

Golf Grip

Top Performers

Golf Pride Z Cord Align

Golf Pride BCT Cord

Golf Pride Z Cord

Lamkin Crossline Cord

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align

Golf Pride MCC Align

Golf Pride MCC Plus4

Average Performers

Golf Pride MCC

SuperStroke S Tech Cord

Lamkin ST Hybrid Calibrate

Lamkin ST Hybrid

Lamkin Utx

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align

SuperStroke S Tech

Golf Pride CP2 Pro

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Lamkin Sonar

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Lamkin Sonar Tour Calibrate

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Lamkin Sonar Tour

Below Average Performers

Lamkin Sonar Wrap

Lamkin Crossline

Lamkin TS1

SuperStroke Traxion

How the Performance Tiers Seperate Golf Grips

Above, golf grips are divided into three categories: Outstanding Performers, Average Performers, and Below Average Performers. Outstanding Performers are grips that have outperformed other grips in our test by an average of one standard deviation above Average Performing grips. Likewise, Average Performers outperform Below Average Performing golf grips by one standard deviation. Using these tiers, golfers can see what grips they can use without significantly reducing their ability to score on the golf course. Ideally, a golfer would choose their highest performing grip, but, in the case that grip does not fit their feel or visual preference, a grip within the Outstanding Performers Tier is also a great option.

What makes a Golf Grip The Best?

Higher performing grips consistently enabled golfers to hit the golf ball further and straighter. When a golfer was paired with their ideal golf grip shot were struck in the center of the club face more often. Additionally, as golfers became comfortable with a grip their swing speeds increased as their confidence rose. In our test, golf grips made with corded textures continuously led to performance enhancements. You can see our full results below.

Combined Data

GripEQ (units)VEQ (units)CEQ (units)Ball Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Golf Pride BCT Cord278.5566.4641.78302.0033.669160.28-127.6544.2760.64470.48491.91
Golf Pride CP2 Pro218.1747.1032.73295.1234.498878.37327.23107.5261.84454.87470.92
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap218.1058.7338.17295.0634.488876.59327.16107.5061.83454.78470.83
Golf Pride MCC260.4846.2332.56298.2933.209014.36402.7061.4866.57461.38485.75
Golf Pride MCC Align275.5736.7127.56301.3533.369139.32-167.8139.2273.05467.04477.96
Golf Pride MCC Plus4275.2237.8427.52301.1133.339132.01-167.6839.1972.99466.67477.58
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align275.5737.9427.56301.3533.369139.33-167.8139.2273.05467.04477.96
Golf Pride Tour Velvet218.1276.8538.17295.0834.488877.20327.19107.5161.83454.81470.86
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align235.3064.5641.18297.5932.149058.90511.9766.8560.68462.18476.62
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G217.0382.4337.98298.1631.868983.26849.13104.7869.62460.97473.16
Golf Pride Z Cord278.5466.4541.78301.9933.669160.09-127.6544.2760.64470.47491.90
Golf Pride Z Cord Align278.9737.6227.90302.2933.699169.25-127.7844.3160.70470.94492.39
Lamkin Crossline213.8280.0137.42298.1033.378972.12829.77102.4071.83460.24475.92
Lamkin Crossline Cord275.5751.7434.45301.3533.369139.33-167.8139.2273.05467.04477.96
Lamkin Sonar218.1155.4738.17295.0734.488876.90327.17107.5161.83454.79470.85
Lamkin Sonar Tour217.0342.3632.55298.1631.868983.25849.13104.7869.62460.97473.16
Lamkin Sonar Tour Calibrate217.1430.8327.14298.2631.878986.31849.42104.8269.64461.13473.32
Lamkin Sonar Wrap213.8459.9937.42298.1233.378972.65829.82102.4071.83460.27475.95
Lamkin ST Hybrid240.3728.5124.04297.6532.159060.71512.0766.8660.69462.28476.72
Lamkin ST Hybrid Calibrate259.9032.0325.99297.8333.159000.48402.0861.3966.47460.67485.01
Lamkin TS1213.5341.0132.03297.8333.348963.86829.01102.3071.76459.82475.49
Lamkin Utx239.9675.5541.99297.3032.119050.15511.4766.7860.62461.74476.16
SuperStroke S Tech234.9596.6041.12297.2932.119049.84511.4666.7860.62461.72476.15
SuperStroke S Tech Cord260.0279.9045.50297.9333.169003.54402.2261.4166.49460.83485.17
SuperStroke Traxion213.4659.7837.36297.7633.338961.88828.82102.2871.75459.71475.38

About Our test

All data presented here was collected on a Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor. Golf ball data was gathered using Titleist ProV1 golf balls. For driver tests, a Titleist TS3 driver was fit to each player and hit a total of 8 times with each grip. For iron tests, a TaylorMade P790 7-iron was hit a total of 8 times, by each tester, for each grip in our test. In order to change grips rapidly, we removed and installed each grip over 1 wrap of double-sided tape using compressed air rather than solvent. Results shown in the Combined Data table above are collected golf ball numbers used to rank each grip. Driver and iron data is presented separately at the bottom of this report. 

Beyond the numbers

Overall, the impact of changing a golf grip on the performance of our testers was small, but definite. There is no doubt that what grip a golfer chooses to play has an impact on his, or her, performance. Textured grips, like the Golf Pride Z Cord and Lamkin Crossline Cord offer the most versatile performance and will provide more connection to golf clubs in wetter weathers. Softer grips, like the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G and Lamkin Sonar, offer golfers a more luxurious feel and may help players reduce pain if they are practicing and playing a lot. If you are a player that struggles with hand pain due to arthritis or an injury, we strongly recommend choosing a grip that offers more cushion and vibration reduction such as the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G.

How to find your best Golf Grip Online

In this EQ Report, we have provided everyone a list of the best grip for 2021. However, this is only a start. To find your ideal golf grip you can use our Golf Grip EQ ID now to match with your Top 5 Golf Grips. From there, you should test as many of your matched grips as possible in-person and with the help of a certified club fitter to get your best results. 

Golf Grip EQ ID

Golf Grips EQ ID

Take the 10 Question EQ ID to find out which golf grips are built for your game

How to find your best Golf Grip In-Person

Advanced fitting locations will allow you to test different golf grips along with golf clubs you that are being built to fit your swing. Ask your club fitter to let you try each of your recommended grips, one-at-a-time, to see which one provides you the best balance of fit, feel, function, and cost. Finally, you can use our EQ Tools EQ Calculator to compare your results with each grip to know with certainty which grip gives you the best chance of shooting your lowest score.  

Alternatively, you can purchase your Top 5 grips and evaluate them yourself by installing them on one to two clubs in your set. Take these clubs to the course and see which grips provide you the best chance to hit great shots. We recommend beginning with irons most near each other to attempt to create the most fair test. For example, install one grip on a 6 iron and the other on a 7 iron to compare, or, install one grip on an 8 iron and the other on your 9 iron. 

Things to keep in mind when selecting a golf Grip

During tests, all grips you test will be brand new and in their best condition. On the golf course, you may have to deal with changing weather and changing temperatures. It can be hard to evaluate all these things in a single session – realize that corded grips will provide you more stability the wetter and hotter your rounds get. If you play year-round and in the rain, you will be best suited to get grip sets that have corded textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are some golf grips corded?

A: Corded golf grips help provide more traction for a golfer’s hand (or glove) during the swing. Increased traction is extremely important if you play during rain and if your hands sweat. Be aware that golf grips that feature a corded texture a firm grips and may wear quickly or cause hand discomfort if used many times per week.

Q: What is the difference between a firm golf grip and a tacky golf grip?

A: Firm grips are often grips that feature corded sections. Tacky grips are soft and luxurious but may become slick when they get wet. Golf manufacturers provide both types of golf grips so players can balance their preference of soft feel and textured security for themselves. Often, it can be helpful to think about the firmness and tackiness of a grip as being opposite ends of a spectrum, although this is not always the case.

Q: What size golf grip should i use?

A: Getting properly fit for your golf grips is the best way to know exactly what size grip you need. If you cannot get fit by trying difference grips, using your glove size as a starting position is a good idea. Traditionally, it was thought that golf grips that are too small might lead golfers to hook or overdraw their golf shots and grips that are too large will cause golfers to slice or fade the majority of their golf shots, however, this is not true for all players. In fact, some golfers observe the opposite trends so be cautious using this as a measure to fit your own grips.

Q: Should all of my golf grips be the same?

A: Normally, golfers will match swing grips for clubs in their bag including metal woods, irons, and wedges. Putting grips are almost always different from swing grips. In some instances, golfers can find success by switching the grip they use from their metal woods, irons, and wedges into different models. As a highlight of this, Ping has developed specialized wedge grips that are longer for golfers that grip down the club shaft if they hit partial shots often. 

Q: How often should i change my golf grips?

A: Swing grips tend to wear in the areas where golfers grip them the most tightly. Depending on your grip pressure and how often you are playing golf, the life of your golf grips will vary. Playing with worn out grips has significant consequences though, so always change your grips at least once per season to ensure you are not leaving strokes out on the course. 

Q: What if my golf grips hurt my hands?

A: Players in pain will never perform at their best. If your grips are causing you hand pain or are rubbing blisters we recommend you change immediately into a softer option. Hybrid grips such as the Golf Pride MCC can be a great middle ground for players that want the highest level of performance but that cannot play with fully corded grip options.


The last piece to getting your golf equipment completely dialed in for your swing is getting the right grip on your golf clubs. Our test confirms that the choice of a grip matters to the overall performance of golfers at all levels. Further, golfers playing the wrong grip are almost certainly leaving shots on the golf course every time they go out and play. 

As golf club buying becomes more personal, it is critical to ensure you are seeing a club fitter that can help you find the right golf grip. Size, texture, and cost all play major roles in determining which grip is right for you. If you do not know where to start, take our 10 question Golf Grip EQ ID to find your Top 5 Golf Grips to test. Test these grips either by yourself or with a certified club fitter and use our EQ Calculator to find your best results instantly.

We appreciate your checking out our EQ Report on the best golf grips for 2021. Be sure to check out our other EQ Reports and EQ IDs to find identify the ideal golf gear for your game. Feel free to let us know what you think below and send this to any of your golfing foursome.  


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Supplemental Data

Driver and iron data from our grip test in presented in the two tables below. Here, you can see the average of all shots hit, from all of our testers. See the About Our Test section (above in this report) for more information about what clubs we used in each test. 

Driver Data

GripBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Golf Pride BCT Cord176.8711.422322.89-15.3623.7529.31298.16313.92
Golf Pride CP2 Pro172.5312.882282.07-77.3063.9226.76286.50300.77
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap172.5012.882281.62-77.2863.9126.75286.44300.71
Golf Pride MCC174.1211.132326.5619.2627.2837.48291.27308.82
Golf Pride MCC Align177.7211.632328.0224.2626.0836.66295.89304.28
Golf Pride MCC Plus4177.5811.622326.1624.2426.0636.63295.66304.04
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align177.7211.632328.0224.2626.0836.66295.89304.28
Golf Pride Tour Velvet172.5112.882281.77-77.2963.9126.75286.46300.73
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align174.4911.042158.95211.0512.1229.58291.83303.95
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G175.6010.792314.46161.0253.0434.96289.77301.66
Golf Pride Z Cord176.8711.422322.84-15.3623.7529.31298.15313.92
Golf Pride Z Cord Align177.0511.432325.17-15.3823.7729.34298.45314.23
Lamkin Crossline173.4311.492310.49-11.6939.6635.66289.71301.90
Lamkin Crossline Cord177.7211.632328.0224.2626.0836.66295.89304.28
Lamkin Sonar172.5012.882281.70-77.2963.9126.75286.45300.72
Lamkin Sonar Tour175.6010.792314.46161.0253.0434.96289.77301.66
Lamkin Sonar Tour Calibrate175.6610.792315.25161.0753.0634.97289.87301.76
Lamkin Sonar Wrap173.4411.492310.62-11.6939.6635.67289.73301.92
Lamkin ST Hybrid174.5311.042159.38211.0912.1229.58291.89304.01
Lamkin ST Hybrid Calibrate173.8511.122322.9819.2327.2437.42290.82308.35
Lamkin TS1173.2711.482308.36-11.6839.6235.63289.44301.62
Lamkin Utx174.3211.032156.86210.8412.1129.55291.55303.66
SuperStroke S Tech174.3211.032156.79210.8412.1129.55291.54303.65
SuperStroke S Tech Cord173.9111.122323.7719.2327.2537.44290.92308.45
SuperStroke Traxion173.2311.482307.85-11.6739.6235.62289.38301.55

Iron Data

GripBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Golf Pride BCT Cord125.1222.246837.39-112.2920.5231.33172.32177.98
Golf Pride CP2 Pro122.5921.606596.29404.5343.6035.08168.37170.15
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap122.5621.606594.97404.4543.6035.07168.34170.12
Golf Pride MCC124.1722.076687.80383.4534.2029.09170.11176.93
Golf Pride MCC Align123.6321.736811.30-192.0713.1436.39171.15173.67
Golf Pride MCC Plus4123.5421.726805.85-191.9213.1336.36171.01173.54
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align123.6321.736811.30-192.0713.1436.39171.15173.67
Golf Pride Tour Velvet122.5721.606595.42404.4743.6035.08168.35170.13
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align123.0921.106899.95300.9254.7331.10170.35172.68
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G122.5621.086668.80688.1251.7434.66171.20171.50
Golf Pride Z Cord125.1222.236837.24-112.2920.5231.33172.32177.98
Golf Pride Z Cord Align125.2522.266844.09-112.4020.5431.36172.49178.16
Lamkin Crossline124.6821.886661.63841.4662.7436.16170.53174.03
Lamkin Crossline Cord123.6321.736811.31-192.0713.1436.39171.15173.67
Lamkin Sonar122.5721.606595.20404.4643.6035.08168.34170.13
Lamkin Sonar Tour122.5621.086668.79688.1151.7434.66171.20171.50
Lamkin Sonar Tour Calibrate122.6021.086671.06688.3551.7634.67171.26171.56
Lamkin Sonar Wrap124.6821.886662.03841.5162.7436.17170.54174.04
Lamkin ST Hybrid123.1221.116901.33300.9854.7431.11170.39172.71
Lamkin ST Hybrid Calibrate123.9822.036677.51382.8634.1529.04169.85176.66
Lamkin TS1124.5621.866655.50840.6862.6836.13170.37173.87
Lamkin Utx122.9821.086893.28300.6354.6831.07170.19172.51
SuperStroke S Tech122.9721.086893.05300.6254.6831.07170.18172.50
SuperStroke S Tech Cord124.0222.046679.78382.9934.1629.05169.90176.72
SuperStroke Traxion124.5321.856654.03840.5062.6736.12170.33173.83