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Golf pride MCC Grip & MCC Plus4 Grip Review

EQ Spotlight Review of the Golf Pride MCC Grips and MCC Plus4 Grips.

What you need to know

Year after year, Golf Pride grips are the #1 Grip on the PGA Tour. Here, we put the entire range of the Multicompound (MCC) grips, one of the most popular Golf Pride grip models, through our tests to see what each model can offer you. Importantly, MCC and MCC Plus4 grip offer the perfect fit for golfers of all skill sets and sizes. Further, MCC Align models offer a reminder for golfers that want more consistency with their golf grip, this can be exceptionally valuable for beginning players and high handicap golfers. Continue reading to find out what features the MCC comes with to see how it can be built for your game.

Golf Pride MCC plus4 Align Grip

Combining reduced taper and the Align feature, the MCC Plus4 can help players of all abilities shoot lower scores.

Under right-handed golfers left hand, the MCC Plus4 grips have a textured cord construction that ensures control in all weathers. Under the right hand, the MCC Plus4 is softer and tacky in texture for additional comfort.

Newly designed Align technology helps golfers place their hands perfectly on the grip so they can build more consistency into every swing.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grip

Both the MCC Plus4 and Mcc Plus4 Align golf grips feature a larger lower section (compared to standard golf grips) to allow golfers a more comfortable feel throughout their bag.

Clubbuilders no longer have to precisely measure the diameter of the bottom of the grip to reduce the taper, saving time and money for everyone.

A corded top, tacky bottom, and reduced taper make the MCC Plus4 grips some of the most versatile and comfortable on the market.

Golf Pride MCC Align Grip

One of the most successful grip models ever, the MCC is new and improved with the addition of Golf Pride’s Align technology.

The MCC Align grip features multi-texture construction that allows golfers to use these grips with accuracy no matter what the weather is like during their practice and play.

Players that want their hands in the same place every time will love the gentle reminder Golf Pride’s Align technology provides. 

Golf Pride MCC Grip

In the bag of countless PGA Tour winners, the MCC grip has been validated at the highest levels and is the Number 1 Hybrid grip on the PGA Tour.

Golf Pride offers the MCC Grips in over 15 colorways so can build your clubs to look however you want. Check out their MCC Teams option for more.

Under your glove, the corded section of the mCC locks your swing in place while the rubber under your lower hand unlocks more control and response for more accuracy.

Straight From Golf pride

Amazingly, over 80% of current competing Tour professionals use Golf Pride Grips. Names like Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy have all use Golf Pride Grips for all of their most recent victories and Major Championships. Innovating beyond the competition, Golf Pride MCC remains the #1 Hybrid grip on Tour. Furthermore, with the growing range including the MCC Plus4 and MCC Align, the MCC now offers more than ever. No matter what kind of golfer you are, the MCC can be built for you. 

Golf pride MCC Grips Detailed Review

Design Review

All four types of MCC grips, 1) standard MCCs, 2) MCC Align, 3) MCC Plus4, and 4) MCC Plus4 Align, feature a corded upper section and a rubber lower section. Purposefully, this hybrid construction allows the MCC to offer golfers a balance of all-weather performance and comfort. Specifically, the corded upper section is rough and maintains the connection between a golfer and his or her clubs throughout the swing. The lower portion of the grip fits comfortably into the hand of golfers without a glove and prevents finger pain allowing for more practice and play year-round. Additionally, the rubber texture of the lower section of the MCC grips transmit the feel of hitting golf shots into the players hands more efficiently for added feedback and more rapid improvement.

Performance Review

Truthfully, there is a lot to take in with the 4 MCC grip models. For our testers, the MCC grips provided the ideal balance of comfort during use and control due to the corded upper section. Often, the issue with fully corded grips is the roughness beneath a golfer’s lower hand is painful or causes the grip to wear quickly. Remarkably, the MCC grips solve both of these issues perfectly. First, the MCC grips offer soft rubber for added comfort and secondly, the MCC grips demonstrate impressive durability. Overall, the MCC grips placed 5th (MCC Plus4 Align), 6th (MCC Align), 7th (MCC Plus4), and 8th (MCC standard). You can read how every golf Pride grip performed in our full Grip EQ Report

Specs Review

In order, the MCC standard grip comes in two sizes, standard and midsize. Various color options are available, including the MCC Teams collection that is colored like the most popular NCAA Universities. Next, MCC Align grips are available in standard size only and come in a white/black standard color along with limited edition colors that rotate throughout the golf season. Third, MCC Plus4 grips can be purchased in both standard and midsize options in up to 5 different colors plus limited edition offerings. Finally, the MCC Plus4 Align grips come in the black/grey colorway in both standard and midsize options. MCC grips have a core size of 60 Round and weigh approximately 50.0-55.0 grams depending on size.

Align Technology Review

Introduced recently, the Align Technology from Golf Pride provides more clarity for golfers who want their hands in the same place every swing. Grips that contain the Align tech feature a subtle rib reminder to enable precision alignment of golfer’s fingers around their club. Currently, the Align technology is available in the following models: MCC AlignMCC Plus4 AlignZ Cord Align, and Tour Velvet Align. It is important to note, Align grips should be installed with the Align feature on the bottom side of the grip. Also be aware, if you adjust your driver, fairway woods, or hybrids with align grips the grip position may change depending on your hosel settings.

The Golf Pride Grips Advantage

Gathering feedback from the best golfers in the world, Golf Pride has been able to create a lineup of grips that provide golfers of all skill levels and swing types to unlock their potential on the golf course. The MCC grip range, now available in 4 distinct models, is one of the most versatile and complete golf grip offerings currently available to the golfing public. Golf Pride also allows golfers to find their ideal grip fit to know exactly what size grip they should be using. This grip fitting tool, in collaboration with our Golf Grip EQ ID can be used to buy your perfect grip from anywhere, at anytime. 

How do i know if the Golf Pride MCC Grips are best for me?

If like many golfers, you have never thought about your grip choice as a way to increase performance, we recommend beginning your search for new grips with our Golf Grip EQ ID. The Golf Grip EQ ID can match you with your ideal grip choice including the Golf Pride MCC and MCC Plus4 models. Using the EQ Score we can compare over 25 models instantly to find your match in seconds. Once you have your preferred Golf Pride grip, head over to Golf Pride’s Grip Fit tool to find out what size of grip might help you gain distance and accuracy.  

Golf Grips EQ ID

Take the 10 Question EQ ID to find out which golf grips are built for your game


In this review, we have described the specifics of the Golf Pride MCC grips. All four options can provide golfers with more control as they swing and more comfort as they practice and play. Before the next time you re-grip, be sure to match your golf swing with the best grips for your. Head over to our Golf Grip EQ ID to find your ideal grip. Read how your results and every grip tested at Golf EQ stacks up in our 2021 Golf Grip EQ Report. Be sure to come back soon for more EQ Spotlights of your favorite golf products. Leave us a comment below if you found this review helpful and feel free to pass this page along to any of the members of your foursome that is serious about their game.

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