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Golf EQ Discount Club Members gain access to discounted golf equipment from the best brands in golf. Members get exclusive access to premium golf equipment at below retail price. 

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Golf EQ Testers gain access to a monthly golf gear box and free equipment to test. Everything you test, you get to keep and use for your golf game.

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Golf EQ Discount Club membership requires a monthly fee of $19.99. Each month over $100 of discounts are available. Membership can be cancelled or discontinued at any time. Sign up below to start saving money on your new golf equipment.

Golf EQ Testers must pay a monthly fee of $79.99 to receive a golf gear box valued at over $150. Additionally, Golf EQ testers will receive free golf gear to test from our annual EQ Reports that includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, golf bags, golf balls, golf push carts, and much more. Golf EQ Testers also receive access to the Golf EQ Discount Club.

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