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OnCore VeroX1 Golf Ball Review

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2021 OnCore VeroX1

EQ Score: 372.68

Titleist ProV1x Golf Balls

2021 titleist ProV1x

EQ Score: 362.26

Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls

2021 Titleist ProV1

EQ Score: 350.83

Have D2C Golf Balls Like the OnCore VeroX1 Caught Up to "Tour" Golf Balls?

Recently, direct-to-consumer (D2C) golf brands like OnCore, Snell, and Vice have made golfers think twice about purchasing “tour” level golf balls like the Titleist ProV1. Obviously, these D2C brands can offer golfers a better value at lower price points, but what does that mean for performance? Here, we benchmarked the VeroX1 against both the ProV1 and the ProV1x to find out. Continue reading to see how the best D2C golf ball we’ve tested all year compared with the #1 Ball In Golf. 

VeroX1, ProV1, and ProV1x Golf Ball Data

Total Data: Drivers, Irons, and Wedges

TotalsEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height


ClubEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
ProV1 - Driver445.59153.8312.93-1.592659.38123.871.422715.98257.06278.09-3.6839.3034.94
ProV1x - Driver473.58154.8712.24-2.782764.09124.151.432796.38258.40279.33-9.7839.1034.11
VeroX1 - Driver479.36153.4112.96-1.932546.4247.93-0.302579.93260.78281.61-9.2139.2834.63


ClubEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
ProV1 - 6i333.60121.8215.700.444747.96-135.98-2.114787.26178.00189.48-2.2842.9829.21
ProV1x - 6i336.52122.2215.610.484940.86-166.05-2.414977.75177.81189.44-2.5043.3729.42
VeroX1 - 6i364.04121.9816.650.554494.38-135.96-1.974516.19180.44191.20-1.4343.8330.93


ClubEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
ProV1 - wedge245.7287.1429.28-0.169997.47-192.30-1.1310023.32104.06106.16-1.2951.0327.44
ProV1x - wedge247.6185.1529.50-0.4510744.30-132.80-0.8010759.84100.53102.08-1.4751.4526.75
Vero X1 - wedge237.1487.0829.43-0.6410184.96-256.70-1.7610213.14104.32105.84-2.7251.5827.84

Straight From OnCore

Using a proprietary manufacturing process to combine a metal-infused mantle layer, nano-engineered transition layer, and a thin urethane cover, OnCore Golf has produced a 4-piece golf ball built to deliver exceptional ball speeds, distance, and incredibly low side spin! Impressively, the VeroX1 delivers a diverse performance profile for golfers of various swing types. Additionally, perimeter weighted technology enables more control for golfers that frequently play in windy conditions. 

Already, the VeroX1 has been put in play by Erik Compton, Andy Pope, and other professional golfers on the PGA and Worldwide golf tours. Other notable converts of the VeroX1 and OnCore golf balls include Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Unlike other D2C golf ball companies, OnCore golf prioritizes performance above all and our results support those claims.

OnCore VeroX1 Golf Ball Detailed Review

VeroX1 Golf Ball Design Review

VeroX1 is a relatively firm golf ball that provides less spin with the driver and long irons for added distance. In the short irons and wedges, the VeroX1 utilized its metal-infused mantle layer to provide more stability and control for increased accuracy. Impressively, the VeroX1 produced more distance on the course, but still retained enough spin on the greens to stop the golf ball quickly. Overall, the VeroX1’s 4-piece construction and 80-84 compression rating provide a well-balanced performance profile, especially for golfers with 95 mph and above driver club head speeds.

VeroX1 Golf Ball Performance Review

Specifically, in our test, the VeroX1 delivered a high launch and low spin performance profile that allowed our testers to pick up distance in irons and with their drivers compared to both the ProV1 and ProV1x, thus, the majority of our results come from testers who benefit the most from that profile of golf ball. Importantly, for this test group, both the VeroX1 and the ProV1x golf balls outperformed the Prov1 by a significant margin during driver tests. As always, your delivery will determine which category of golf ball is best for you, but if you find yourself comfortably in the high launch/low spin category, the VeroX1 must be on your testing list. Generally, golfers with higher club head speeds will do best with golf balls, like the VeroX1 and ProV1x, that offer reduced spin. 

In driver and 6-iron testing the VeroX1 outpaced both the ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls. Notably, the driving and approach categories (SG: OTT and SG: APP) are often the most impactful area of a golfers performance which makes VeroX1’s standout performance in those two areas all the more noteworthy. Finally, in wedge testing, the VeroX1 finished second behind the ProV1x. Impressively, OnCore’s ability to deliver “tour” level performance at 20% less cost is an advantage for all amateur golfers. 

VeroX1 Golf Ball Specs Review

Currently, the VeroX1 is available for $39.99 per dozen with bulk pricing available that reduces the price of the VeroX1 golf balls to $37.99 per dozen (minimum 3 dozen) and $35.99 per dozen (minimum 6 dozen). For players that fit well with the VeroX1, OnCore Golf has a loyalty program that can reduce the price to as little as $26.99 per dozen with a purchase of 6 dozen balls. More info about OnCore Golf’s loyalty program and tier pricing can be found online at OnCoreGolf.comFor golfers that prefer a specific look, online customization is available at that includes custom logos, numbers, and colors. Importantly, the VeroX1 is both USGA and R&A conforming and can be used in all golf competitions. 

The OnCore Golf Advantage

OnCore has delivered an exceptionally fast golf ball with their new VeroX1. By increasing the perimeter weighting of the VeroX1 golf ball, OnCore delivers noticeably lower side spin (up to 60%) that can create longer and straighter drives. In our test, and even at PGA Tour level club head speeds, the VeroX1 stands up to the gold standard Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls. Ultimately, for golfers looking for more distance, the VeroX1 is a standout performer that can go head-to-head with any ball in golf. 

How do i know if the OnCore VeroX1 is best for me?

Golf ball fitting has to be personal. Notably, the golf ball is the only piece of equipment a player uses on every shot. OnCore has now created a premium performance golf ball at a price that is 20% cheaper than its competition. Our results demonstrate that players no longer have to choose between performance and cost no matter what their budget is. If you do not know where to start, take our Golf Ball Identifier now to see what golf ball is best for you. Instantly, compare over 40 different models to get results matched to your specific swing.

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Notes about The OnCore VeroX1 Golf Ball test

For out tests, we collect data inside using Foresight Sports GC Quad launch monitor. Golfers a different abilities and golf swing types are measured. Over 50 different measurement are collected for every swing. Here, OnCore Golf’s VeroX1 was compared to both the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls. Importantly, the VeroX1 performed most similarly to the ProV1x. Each player hit golf balls with their preferred wedge (50-55-degrees of loft), their 6-iron (30-degrees of loft), and their driver (8-11 degrees of loft). Driver swing speeds captured in this test ranged from 95 mph to 112 mph. 

Golf EQ is Golf #1 Source for Personalized Equipment Recommendations based on our ability to translate measured performance to on-course results. At Golf EQ, we deliver everyone results built for them through our Equipment Identifier software engines. Take an EQ ID today to find the best Equipment for your game! Names and registered trademarks, including OnCore, VeroX1, Titleist, ProV1, and ProV1x are properties of their respective owners. 

Final Thoughts For the OnCore VeroX1 Golf Ball Review

Importantly, the fastest way for amateur golfers to improve their consistency on the course is to play the same golf ball on every shot. OnCore’s VeroX1 provides golfers looking for high ball speeds, high launch, and low spin the option to get premium performance at a cost that is easier to afford. Opting for the VeroX1 in place of the ProV1x could be a great way to increase consistency and save money without reducing your overall performance on the course.

Lastly, there is no longer an excuse to purchase golf balls that do not compliment your swing. Even on the tightest of budgets, choosing to pay $20-$40 for new golf balls is the best option. OnCore’s VeroX1 and others have created opportunities for golfers at every level to play their best golf, do not hesitate, take advantage of it for your game and try the VeroX1 to see if it is right for your swing. 

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