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ProV1 & ProV1x Golf Ball Review

Golf EQ Spotlight Review of the 2021 Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x Golf Balls.

What you need to know

Unsurprisingly, Titleist has defined the industry standard for golf ball performance in 2021. The new Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls are some of the most well-balanced and high performing golf balls we have ever tested. Below, you will find the performance of the newest versions of the ProV1 golf balls and their performance compared to last year’s models. Also, our Golf EQ testers tell you first hand about their experiences with the new ProV1 golf balls to confirm that there is no one golf ball that is best for everyone.

2021 ProV1

Rank: 1st
EQ Score: 918.75

2021 ProV1x

Rank: 2nd
EQ Score: 917.07

2019 ProV1x

Rank: 3rd
EQ Score: 909.03

2019 ProV1

Rank: 4th
EQ Score: 905.52

Straight From Titleist

Backed by countless players on professional golfing tours, the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls deliver increased distance in the long game and Drop-and-Stop short game control. New for 2021 the ProV1 golf ball has a 2.0 ZG process core and a new 388 tetrahedral dimple design. Simply put, the new ProV1 offers increased distance with reduced spin with longer clubs combined with high short game spin and a soft feel. Alternatively, the new ProV1x golf ball features a 348 dimple pattern to create higher launch, lower spin, and explosive distances. Comparing the two, players can expect to see slightly a higher ball flight from the ProV1x and a slightly firmer feel.

Golfer with club

“Personally, the 2021 ProV1x golf ball was the best for me. I noticed increased ball speeds, more distance, and a sound and feel that I enjoy playing”

Damon, EQ Tester

RankBallEQ Score
1ProV1x New934.10
2ProV1 Old915.64
3ProV1x Old912.96
4ProV1 New903.11
EQ Tester 2

“The 2021 ProV1 golf ball was my favorite and the EQ Scores back that up. The softer feel and slightly higher spin rates gave me more control and confidence on every shot.”

David, EQ Tester

RankBallEQ Score
1ProV1 New981.33
2ProV1x New943.82
3ProV1x Old918.66
4ProV1 Old907.90
EQ Tester Default Image

“Surprisingly, the older model ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls worked better for me. I guess that goes to show you that newer isn’t always better for everyone.”

Jake, EQ Tester

RankBallEQ Score
1ProV1x Old895.48
2ProV1 Old893.04
3ProV1x New873.30
4ProV1 New871.82

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Test highlights

Titleist does an excellent job of marketing their golf balls accurately. Many of the things Titleist lines out in the description of the ProV1 and the ProV1x came out in our tests. Notably, the ProV1x provided more ball speed and a potential for more distance of our faster club head speed players with the driver. Conversely, at lower speeds, the ProV1 led to distance and control increases. Importantly, our test shows the importance of getting the correct golf ball for you and playing the same golf ball for every shot.

ProV1 and ProV1x Golf Balls Detailed Review

2021 ProV1 Golf Ball

Design Review

The 2021 ProV1 is highlighted by important design qualities that give it total tee-to-green performance. First, a 2.0 ZG solid core converts speed from your swing more efficiently into distance. Second, spin rates are controlled by an ionomer layer that balances the flight of the new ProV1 for more control with the irons and wedges. Third, a 388 tetrahedral dimple pattern ensures optimal aerodynamics in all playing conditions. Finally, the ProV1 is encapsulated in a cast urethane elastomer cover for golfers that prefer a soft feel.

2021 ProV1x Golf Ball

Design Review

Rapidly, the new 2021 ProV1x is becoming the go-to choice for PGA Tour golfers. Like the ProV1, the ProV1x is formulated with a 2.0 ZG core for more distance and an ionomer layer to balance spin at all swing speeds. Unlike the ProV1, however, the ProV1x features a 348 tetrahedral dimple pattern to launch and fly higher giving players even more stopping power with their irons and longer carry with their drivers. Audibly, the ProV1x is more firm than the ProV1 and provides increased feedback for golfers with chip shot, pitches, and putts.

ProV1 & ProV1x Golf Balls Performance Review

Overall, the 2021 Prov1 golf ball was the highest performer in this test. Following closely behind was the 2021 ProV1x. Interestingly, the 2019 ProV1x outperformed the 2019 ProV1 to come in third with the 2019 ProV1 finishing fourth. Separating performance in the long game and the short game, the 2021 ProV1x provided the most ball speed and distance for players with the driver while the 2021 ProV1 provided more spin for many players and thus smaller offline misses. None of the players in our test could feel the differences between the 2019 ProV1 and 2021 ProV1, nor the difference between the 2019 ProV1x and the 2021 Prov1x. Players could however tell the difference between a ProV1 model and a ProV1x model in every case confirming the ProV1x is in fact a firmer golf ball. 

ProV1 & ProV1x Golf Balls Specs Review

Currently, the 2021 ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls retail for $50 per dozen. 2019 models can be found for between $40/dozen and $45/dozen. The 2021 ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls are available for custom orders. Custom options include specific numbers, custom name stampings, and a choice of alignment designs printed onto the golf ball. Additionally, both the 2021 ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls comes in white and yellow colors. 

The Titleist ProV1 Advantage

It is difficult to remember a time when the name ProV1 was not synonymous with the highest performing balls in golf. Moreover, Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x golf balls dominate counts on golfing tours every week all over the world. What may be less obvious to golfers is Titleist dedication to consistency and product quality. Titleist golf balls are manufactured with the tightest tolerances in the industry. Ultimately, if you are playing a Titleist, you can be sure that you are getting a golf ball that is balanced and well-built from core-to-cover.  

2021 ProV1

2021 ProV1x

2019 ProV1x

2019 ProV1

How do i know if Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls are best for me?

Many golfers have never been fit for a golf ball. If that is you, then Golf EQ can help. We have created a way for golfers to find their best golf products using a system of algorithms that turn our in-house club tests into golf equipment recommendations for everyone. If you are unsure if the Titleist ProV1 or ProV1x golf ball is best for you, start by taking our Golf Ball EQ ID today and see what your Top 5 golf balls are. Once you get your Top 5, test them for yourself and see what golf ball can lead you to lower scores. Also, be sure to check out our Best Golf Balls EQ Report to see how the best balls in golf from all the major brands stack up. 

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Notes about this test

Finding the best products in golf is our job at Golf EQ. Further, we conduct all of our tests at our in-house facilities to ensure variables are controlled within the best of our abilities. In order to evaluate the 4 different golf ball models here, 4 total testers hit over 150 shots with each golf ball. Shots were divided between 7-irons and drivers from each player. All data was collected using a GC Quad from Foresight Sports to ensure the most accurate metrics across all products. 


Strikingly, some of our testers found that their best golf ball was something other than the one that came in first overall. Specifically, this means that what is best for the group is not always best for the individual and this reinforces the idea that each golfer should be going to get fit to find exactly what works best for them. Golfers should do as much as they can to test golf balls in person to figure out which model is best for their specific swing and club choice. If you are unsure where to start, head over to our EQ ID and find your short list of golf balls to test right now. Make sure to check out our guide for the Best Golf Ball each year as we test all the latest models from brands like Titleist, Bridgestone, TaylorMade, Callaway, Srixon, and more. 

Check out our other EQ Spotlight reviews to see what results we have found from other products such as the Golf Pride MCC gripBridgestone Tour B and Tour B XS golf balls, and the Asher Golf Gloves. Leave us a comment below and tell us what golf ball you are using and why. Are you going to be trying the new 2021 Titleist Prov1 or ProV1x after reading this? If you have something you’d like for us to test, get in touch and we’ll help find you what you need to shoot lower scores.  

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Supplemental Data

Below, we have included the data from our tests so nerds like us can have a look at exactly how each golf ball performed for our testers. Notice, the higher the EQ Score, the higher the performance and the more likely the golf ball was to lead to lower scores out on the golf course. Have fun taking a look at how these golf ball worked for our Golf EQ testers.

Total Data from all Testers

All TestersRankBallEQ Score Ball Speed Launch Angle Side Angle Backspin Sidespin Tilt Angle Total Spin Carry Total Offline Descent Angle Peak Height
Total1New Prov1918.76259.2032.73-3.307932.67494.004.708161.00390.17423.873.0381.6059.40
Total2New ProV1x917.08265.7331.30-3.477402.00-110.33-7.107622.33393.00431.60-9.8377.9756.90
Total3Old ProV1x909.04265.4333.43-2.539055.00882.009.509294.00398.30427.7011.9386.8364.87
Total4Old ProV1905.53263.1032.60-2.238888.67725.337.509174.33385.70419.5010.4785.2062.83
Driver1ProV1x New433.98152.1711.00-2.132542.00295.000.702663.00231.97259.373.3732.4325.70
Driver2ProV1x Old432.24151.3713.03-2.373154.00608.678.533274.00240.27260.2711.1039.4332.33
Driver3ProV1 New428.71147.8012.93-2.003050.67644.339.573186.67232.53253.8313.5737.4030.03
Driver4ProV1 Old418.68150.1312.67-1.633226.33567.676.903416.67228.30252.2312.4038.9331.80
Iron1ProV1 New490.05111.4019.80-1.304882.00-150.33-4.874974.33157.63170.03-10.5344.2029.37
Iron2ProV1 Old486.85112.9719.93-0.605662.33157.670.605757.67157.40167.27-1.9346.2731.03
Iron3ProV1x New483.10113.5720.30-1.334860.00-405.33-7.804959.33161.03172.23-13.2045.5331.20
Iron4ProV1x Old476.80114.0720.40-0.175901.00273.330.976020.00158.03167.430.8347.4032.53