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Asher Golf Glove Review

Golf EQ Spotlight Review of the Asher Golf Gloves Collections.

What you need to know

Herein, we review Asher golf gloves including their Premium, Utility, and Chuck 2.0 Collections. We put Asher gloves through our tests to see if they can offer more control for golfers. Asher golf gloves offer premium AAA Cabretta leather options for those looking for the highest levels of performance and mixed Cabretta-synthetic leather options for golfers looking to maximize their budget. Continue reading to find out if Asher golf gloves are right for you and see if you match with Asher products in our Golf Glove EQ ID

Asher Golf Gloves Premium Collection

AAA Cabretta ensures the absolute highest level of control during the golf swing and the softest feel.

The Asher Premium Collection gloves are the highest performing golf gloves available with non-black and white color options.

Among the AAA Cabretta gloves we tested, Asher Premium Collection gloves are incredibly durable and last longer than other comparable options.

Asher Golf Gloves Chuck 2.0 Collection

Asher’s Chuck 2.0 Gloves are the best combination of performance and value for golf gloves in 2020.

Synthetic leather is combined with Cabretta palm inserts so players feel more connected to their clubs.

All-weather leather upper section ensure the Chuck 2.0 gloves remain high performing even in slippery conditions. Also, durability is improved by using this strong synthetic material. 

Straight From Asher Golf

Beginning in 2009, Asher set out to deliver high-quality golf gloves to players at every level. Asher’s Premium and Utility options are best for players that want the top level of performance and feel, while their Chuck 2.0 gloves are the best-in-class for a combination of performance and value. Together, these options ensure that everyone can find something that fits their game, and their style. Additionally, Asher continuously updates their color options so players never have to use the same glove twice. In all three collections, Asher gloves are designed to fit with precision and provide a seamless connection between golfers and their golf clubs.

Asher Golf Gloves Detailed Review

Design Review

Asher has created three distinguished glove collections to tailor individual products to fit the needs of every golfer. First, the Premium Collection gloves are built using single piece AAA Cabretta leather to deliver ultra-soft feel combined with bold colors. Secondly, the Utility Collection gloves are crafted using the same one-piece AAA Cabretta in white base-color options curated for players that do not want as bold a look. Lastly, the Chuck 2.0 Collection gloves are designed for golfers looking to maximize their budget while still using a glove made with high-quality materials. 

Performance Review

Notably, Asher golf gloves offer a unique combination of style and performance that is not available anywhere else. During our tests, other gloves offered similar performance through the use of AAA Cabretta leather, but cannot be purchased with the wide array of colors found in the Asher Premium Collection. For golfers that do not want to use colored golf gloves, Asher’s Utility Collection, especially the all-white Yeti option, are perfect and remain at the top level of performance. As a standout option for budget-conscious players, or players that frequently play in wet conditions, the Chuck 2.0 gloves are incredibly durable yet remain soft enough you can still feel the club during the golf swing.

Specs Review

Premium, Utility, and Chuck 2.0 Asher Golf Collections are available online and in select pro shops. Premium and Utility Collection gloves retail for $24. Chuck 2.0 gloves retail for $12 making them one of the best buys in golf. Custom Asher gloves can also be created for those interested in collaborating. Sizes of all three collections can be purchased in small, medium, medium/large, large, X-large, and XX-large options. Left hand (for right handed golfers) and right hand (for left handed golfers) models are available. 

The Asher Golf Gloves Advantage

Golfers may be accustomed to seeing FootJoy, Titleist, and Callaway gloves, among others, but Asher is quickly quickly making their mark across golf. Recently, Asher gloves have made appearances on the PGA Tour including being the playing option of Mike Weir. In a one-of-a-kind moment, Jack Nicklaus used a custom Asher golf glove to hit the ceremonial tee shot at the 2020 Fall Masters Tournament. Jack’s glove and other custom options are still available. For those that have never heard of Asher or used one of their products, it is time to give them a try.

How do i know if Asher Golf gloves are best for me?

Carefully selecting a golf glove is something that many golfers may not consider when trying to improve their game. Our Golf EQ Golf Glove Report shows the differences golf gloves can make on the performance of golfers. Luckily, Asher has a glove for everyone so no matter what you are looking for, you can fit your preferences with one of their gloves. If you are unsure if Asher, or any other golf glove, is best for you, take our 10 question Golf Glove EQ ID and find out for yourself. Also, be sure to read our full Golf Glove EQ Report to find out where your favorite glove stacks up.

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