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FootJoy has created the absolute gold standard in golf gloves with the Pure Touch Limited. The softest glove tested, the Pure Touch Limited glove ensures players connected to their club throughout the entire swing. Premium performance is the hallmark of the Pure Touch Limited glove from FootJoy.

Asher provides golfers a pop of color and the best value glove in golf with their Chuck 2.0 line. Also available in white, the Chuck range of gloves, from Asher, combines low price with high performance for golfers looking to get the most for their money. The Asher Chuck is one of the most durable gloves in our test.

Combining performance and value better than any other glove model tested was the Asher Chuck 2.0 . Regardless of your choice of color, the Chuck glove provides versatile performance at a price any golfer can afford.  Notably, the Chuck is an all-weather performer that can be used in wet and dry conditions with confidence.

The Highlights:

  • For the first time, we have linked golf gloves to the performance of golfers.
  • Softer, thinner golf gloves provide a better connection to the golf club for players and most often resulted in better shots.  
  • Generally, the choice of golf gloves made little difference for players overall scores but increased feedback during the swing significantly.

The EQ Score Top 5

Golf Glove

EQ Score

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove


Ping Tour Glove


Asher Premium Collection Glove


Titleist Players Glove


TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove


The VEQ Top 5

Golf GloveVEQ Score

Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove


FootJoy WeatherSof Glove


TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove


Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove


Callaway Tour Authentic Glove


The CEQ Top 5

Golf GloveCEQ Score

Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove


Callaway Tour Authentic Glove


FootJoy WeatherSof Glove


TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove


Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove



Many players will select their golf glove based on what is available at their favorite pro shop or what they see their favorite player wearing on the PGA Tour. Admittedly, some golfers think that the golf glove’s link to performance is too small to matter. Our tests reveal that the choice of a golf glove matters and can affect the scores players shoot while on the course. Here, we report the best gloves in golf.

The Performance Tiers

Performance Tier

Golf Glove

Top Performers

FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove

Ping Tour Glove

Asher Premium Collection Glove

Titleist Players Glove

Average Performers

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove

Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

North Coast Golf Co. Glove

GFore Collection Glove

FootJoy StaSof

Srixon Cabretta Glove

Under Armour Spieth Tour Glove

Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove

FootJoy WeatherSof

TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove

Below Average Performers

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove

FootJoy Spectrum

Callaway OptiColor Glove

How the Performance Tiers Seperate Golf Gloves

Every glove in our test is divided into one of three categories. Top Performers are golf gloves that outperform all other gloves in our test significantly. Average Performers can be used by most golfers without severely impacting the quality of their play. Below Average Performers should be used with caution and only when players are playing outside of competition.

What makes a Golf Glove The Best?

Gloves in our test are ranked by the EQ Score. The best gloves helped testers feel more connected to their clubs as they swung. Thicker gloves and those made with less quality leathers inhibited golfers to make their best swings if they lost confidence in the “feel” that was created by the glove and their golf grip of choice. Thinner gloves consistently provided better performance numbers in our test but lack the durability of thicker gloves, which is expected. 

The Data

GloveEQ (units)VEQ (units)CEQ (units)Ball Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove236.9141.4698.22294.731.8897150766.260.09457.7472
Asher Premium Collection Glove265.7433.2288.27298.1339040.7-16638.872.26462472.8
Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove226.1639.5889.51297.834.88959330.2108.562.4459475.2
Callaway OptiColor Glove214.1432.1268.78298.433.48981.1830.6102.571.9460.7476.4
Callaway Tour Authentic Glove254.3438.1597.03297.433.18987.4401.561.366.37460484.3
FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove269.0026.9072.36298.833.39063.3-126.343.860465.5486.7
FootJoy Spectrum Glove217.4027.1859.08298.531.98993.5850.1104.969.7461.5473.7
FootJoy StaSof Glove240.7236.1186.92298.9329022.714.170.657.46458.8481.2
FootJoy WeatherSof Glove235.1841.1696.7929934.29006.6-235.875.968.62461.3479.1
GFore Collection Glove244.1324.4159.60299.933.59070.2689.471.769.9478459.4476.1
North Coast Golf Co. Glove246.7330.8476.09298.2339015-189.673.760.42460.9481
Ping Tour Glove268.2426.8271.95298.333.68928.252742.562.49459.6475.5
Srixon Cabretta Glove240.0636.0186.44297.833.99050.2901.891.661.5463477.9
TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove234.9641.1296.61297.831.88977.7203.293.265.5460.9480.7
TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove258.3225.8366.73297.631.48973.642445.167.34458.9478.4
Titleist Players Glove264.4033.0587.3829833.18950.7183.740.267464.9480.6
Under Armour Spieth Tour Glove239.0835.8685.74296.534.59045.6502.256.568.3478463.3472.3

Beyond the numbers

If this is the first time you are considering what performance benefits, or detriments, your glove may be causing, it is important to understand that the whole story isn’t told with the numbers alone. Players should pay attention to the fit of the golf glove. Our testers consistently made better golf swing with golf gloves that fit their hands the best. Keep in mind that not all gloves are sized the same and one just because you wear a particular size in one glove model does not mean you will need the same size in another model, especially in a model from another brand.

About Our test

Finding the best glove in golf is difficult to do. Many of the brands we tested provide excellent choices that golfers can use with success. Gloves were tested with both driver and iron shots being hit by all testers. Moisture and glove breakdown was observed to track durability as gloves began to wear. In order to isolate the golf glove as the oly changing variable, a Titleist TS3 driver and Cobra King Forged Tec 6-iron was used for all tests. 

How to find your best results Online

Using this Report to help you find the best glove for you is a great place to start. We recommend heading over to our Golf Glove EQ ID to find the list of golf gloves you should be testing. The Golf Glove EQ ID will match your swing characteristics and preferences with the best performing gloves we tested for free. Be sure to match your golf glove of choice with a set of grips that help you swing with confidence. 

How to find your best results In-Person

Once you have gotten your Top 5 from the Golf Glove EQ ID, you can track the performance of each glove by using our EQ Calculator. The EQ Calculator can accept data from almost every golf launch monitor to find which glove produces the best results for your in real-time. 

Things to keep in mind when selecting a golf Glove in-person

Premium Cabretta leather gloves will almost alway provide the highest levels of performance. However, golfers looking to save money can do so by choosing gloves that mix Cabretta leathers and synthetic materials that cost much less than the most premium options. Competitive golfers should be ready to swap in rain gloves and cold weather gloves as the weather changes in addition to their standard golf gloves as well. Recreational players can choose one glove to serve them in all weather conditions.

Golf Glove EQ ID

Golf Glove EQ ID

Take the 10 Question EQ ID to find out which golf glove is built for your game

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Cabretta Leather?

A: Cabretta leather is made from sheepskin. Cabretta is meticulously treated to provide a smooth and soft texture. Cabretta can be used for the entire golf glove or as part of a mixture of materials to balance performance and cost. The more Cabretta leather included in a golf glove, the more expensive that glove will be and the better connection it will confer. 

Q: Do i need a rain glove in addition to my standard golf glove?

A: Rain gloves are necessary if you want to perform your best in wet conditions. When rain water gets in between the golf grip and golf glove, traction is reduced. Reduced traction can lead to slipping and lower consistency levels as players swing. If you can afford to carry a set of rain gloves in your golf bag, we highly recommend grabbing a pair. Purchasing rain gloves can actually save you money by reducing the wear your standard golf glove gets.

Q: What size golf glove should i wear?

A: Hands come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Manufacturers of golf gloves know this and provide sizes and glove profiles to help you find the best fit possible. Golf gloves should assume a second-skin type of fit. No slack should be felt in between your fingers or in your palm as this will create a less secure grip as you swing.

Q: Should i wear a golf glove when i putt?

A: Subjectively, there is no right, or wrong, answer to if a player should putt with or without a glove. Most golfers do not use a glove to putt, however, if your putting improves while wearing a glove then you should continue to putt that way. Importantly, slower speeds used during putting do not need the extra traction golf gloves provide and taking the glove off can provide enhanced feedback that can lead to lower scores.


Golf EQ is committed to providing reports that demonstrate the best products in golf. Golf gloves, like most golf products, impact the performance of golfers at all levels. Thinner gloves, with higher quality leathers, can lead to more confident, consistent swings with all clubs in a player’s bag. This report should be used as a guide to begin your search to finding the perfect glove for you. 

Going beyond the results here, we put our in-house tests to work for you with our EQ ID apps. You can find golf gloves built for your game by using our Golf Glove EQ ID. Beginning here before performing your own in-person testing is the best way to quickly find the best golf equipment for your game. Also, be sure to check out our Spotlight Review of golf gloves like the Asher Premium and Chuck 2.0 gloves for an in-depth discussion of each model. Be sure to check back often as new EQ Reports are being published and constantly updated. 

Check out our other EQ Reports and EQ IDs to find the best gear for you. Leave a comment below if you found these results useful and be sure to share with any golfer you know that can benefit from better equipment.


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Supplemental Data

Driver and iron data is presented below for every glove we tested. While the golf glove provided changes in performance, these changes were small relative to the variance of strike locations and mis-hits of the testers. 

Driver Data

GloveBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove172.810.921382091229.29289301
Asher Premium Collection Glove175.811.52302.92425.836.26292.7301
Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove174.1132302.8-7864.527289.1303.5
Callaway OptiColor Glove173.611.52312.8-11.739.735.7290302.2
Callaway Tour Authentic Glove173.611.12319.619.227.237.37290.4307.9
FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove17511.32298.3-15.223.529295310.6
FootJoy Spectrum Glove175.810.82317.1161.253.135290.1302
FootJoy StaSof Glove175.710.92277.4-33.617.628.56289308
FootJoy WeatherSof Glove17412.22310.4-59.814.832.32290.5304.8
GFore Collection Glove175.211.82323.2-46.23637.3478289.5304.7
North Coast Golf Co. Glove175.3112322-189.040.528.42289.8304.5
Ping Tour Glove173.812.3228335.73529.29290.3302.5
Srixon Cabretta Glove175.812.92302.331.86631293304.4
TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove175.510.82287.4206.54430.3290307.7
TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove173.210.22310.952.812.134.34288.9303.1
Titleist Players Glove173.612.12304.4-143.111.633292.9305.4
Under Armour Spieth Tour Glove174.112.72294.9-49.49.937.35291.4299.1

Iron Data

GloveBall Speed (mph)Launch Angle (degrees)Backspin (rpm)Sidespin (rpm)Offline (yards)Peak (yards)Carry (yards)Total (yards)
Asher Chuck 2.0 Glove121.920.9683329854.230.8168.7171
Asher Premium Collection Glove122.321.56737.8-1901336169.3171.8
Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove123.721.86656.2408.24435.4169.9171.7
Callaway OptiColor Glove124.821.96668.3842.362.836.2170.7174.2
Callaway Tour Authentic Glove123.8226667.8382.334.129169.6176.4
FootJoy Pure Touch Limited Glove123.8226765-111.120.331170.5176.1
FootJoy Spectrum Glove122.721.16676.4688.951.834.7171.4171.7
FootJoy StaSof Glove123.221.16745.347.75328.9169.8173.2
FootJoy WeatherSof Glove125226696.2-17661.136.3170.8174.3
GFore Collection Glove124.721.76747735.635.732.6169.9171.4
North Coast Golf Co. Glove122.9226693-0.633.232171.1176.5
Ping Tour Glove124.521.36645.2491.37.533.2169.3173
Srixon Cabretta Glove122216747.987025.630.5170173.5
TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove122.3216690.3-3.349.235.2170.9173
TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove124.421.26662.7371.23333170175.3
Titleist Players Glove124.4216646.3326.828.634172175.2
Under Armour Spieth Tour Glove122.421.86750.7551.646.631171.9173.2