Golf EQ is built on a simple mission: get golfers the best golf equipment for their game.

Golf EQ uses machine learning to help golfers match with their best equipment based on their golf swing and playing preferences. 

The Golf EQ is the only automated equipment ranking system in golf. The Golf EQ Score uses data generated from golf club fits to simplify the club buying process. The Golf EQ provides perfect clarity for which club is best for a given player based on his or her swing delivery and golf ball flight conditions. Further, the Golf EQ can be used to precisely match a golfer with their best fitting equipment based on information generated from large-scale club tests. The Golf EQ provides a platform that tailors products to every golfer saving them time, money, and most importantly, giving them the best equipment for their game.

Golf EQ recommendations are built on data captured using real amatuer golfers testing products in our facility and based on data collected with our partners to further improve recommendation accuracy.

Golfers can get fit online via a 1-on-1 video chat with a Gol EQ club fitter. All you need to get fit is yourself. We fit you based on golf information like your average score, handicap (if you have one), swing stats (if you know them), or a video of your swing.